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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Generating files with extensions other than .html
Date Sun, 23 May 2004 23:01:18 GMT
Quoting Vlad Berditchevskiy <>:

> Hi there!
> How can I generate HTML files with other extensions than .html? I looked
> into sitemap.xmap and replaced all .html through .shtml, but there is
> still one problem: when I generate static pages, the main page is called
> index.html[1] and the navigation on that page is broken (in a webapp
> everything is ok[2]). :-( Where does this filename come from? I can't find
> it.
> ____
> [1] Actually I had to make rules for both .html and .shtml, otherwise
>     forrest would abort after the attempt to generate the first file,
>     which is index.html.
> [2] With the exception that I had to supply the indexfile attribute in
>     tabs.xml, otherwise all tabs would point to index.html, which does
>     not exist.

First, it might be easiest to just have a script to rename all the html files
afterwards.  Hrm, maybe I could include this as a post-process target in the
forrestbot.  At any rate, using this method would also allow you to easily
upgrade forrest without worring about merging your changes.

Did you change cli.xconf?  You can either provide one in your own project at
(IIRC): src/documentation/conf/cli.xconf or modify Forrest's at

I'm not sure exactly how this file gets interpreted, but basically the cocoon
static file generator (CLI) uses this file as it spiders through links, generate
pages as it goes.  Documentation is at

Of course you want to change <default-filename>.  You might also want to
specifically include index.shtml by using a <uri>.  And maybe have an <exclude

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