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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Forrest Gump
Date Sat, 15 May 2004 03:08:45 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
> The two have to go together, don't they! ;-)

It was deliberate naming. They were intended to work together.

> I'd like to request some (ongoing) help from this team.

Sure, keep it up.

> We have a Gump
> instance on that (as you know) generates a few thousand
> xdocs, a number of times a day. We currently fork a batch run of Forrest,
> which is doing some seriously heavy lifting, but would love to move to the
> webapp form

Do you need to move to using the webapp? Perhaps that would
be great. We could also ensure that other incarnations do what
you need (i.e. the command-line 'forrest' and 'forrestbot).

> (1) to only skin what is requested/viewed & to save time/cycles

Perhaps webapp would be more efficient than a static build.
Who knows how to measure such things.

How often does each set of documentation get rebuilt?
I know, you are going to say: ideally constantly being updated.

The "copyless" approach and the webapp do sound like the way.

> (2) to be less sensitive to validation issues.

Examples please. We are refining this sort of stuff, especially

> We have this approach working on another server, on an older Forrest, but
> would like to use the latest/greatest Forrest & keep current. We know you've
> been working on the 'copyless',

Yes but not yet ready for production.

> and I wonder if you'd be game to attempt to
> install/manage/maintain this, once merged (or whenever), onto Brutus.

It would certainly be an excellent test environment.

The "you" might not contain enough people at this stage.
Let's keep talking and see what happens.

> Further, Gump configures a template (with site.xml, skin, properties, etc.)
> and it is sadly basic. It needs some love. Heck, we even had to remove the
> Apache logo from it 'cos we couldn't get the right colour scheme & don't
> know that sort of stuff. [Further, we've had some requests for a skin
> without spacer GIFs. Anybody able to point us to [or create] a
> nice/simple/cheap (but pretty :-) CSS based skin?]

There is a default "forrest-css" skin that you can declare
in file.

If you have feature requests then please pop in to our Jira
issue tracker.

> What are the chances that folks here would be interested in working with us,
> perhaps as a showcase of Forrest, perhaps as a test-bed. (We have a test run
> on the same server that could be used for a staging/testing area prior to
> deployment to the main 'production' output.) We'd like to keep current w/
> latest/greatest Forrest.
> Help appreciated, and thanks in advance for your consideration...

Your constructive approach of this email will probably
get some people here excited and enthusiastic.


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