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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Quarterly Report
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 03:06:33 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Dave Brondsema wrote:
> > How does voting work?  Currently (IIUC) only forrest committer's votes
> > count (non-committers are of course welcome and good to hear..)  Does this
> > stay the same, or does only the PMC get to vote?
> The procedures are to be decided by the PMC, ie us.

Yes, one of our jobs if we decide to go ahead.

> Since committers would become PMC members, ...

Not necessarily, see below.

> ... and since only PMC members AFAIK (IANAL) can make
> actually binding votes for the project, the easiest thing
> to do is... to keep it like now, only changing "committer"
> to "PMC member".

There are different types of issues that would require voting ...

A) Day-to-day technical issues with the current source repository
and with proposed new additions.

B) The election of new committers.

C) PMC may step in to take control of something that they see
as a major issue,
e.g. Major change of direction for the project.
e.g. Licensing issues.

D) Mundane PMC matters,
e.g. Acceptance of the proposed "Project Guidelines" document.
e.g. Deciding the method of composition of the PMC.
e.g. Deciding how voting will be done.

I presume that A and B are voted by the Committers, just as we
do now: if there are no -1 then go ahead. Whereas C and D are
new things and the method of voting for them would need to be
defined during the creation of the PMC.

> Having committers that are not PMC members would be a new thing to do, 
> and we will have to discuss if/how to do it.

It is not that new - this is the situation at Cocoon. All committers
can *choose* whether to be on the PMC. For Forrest we would need to
decide how our PMC will be composed.


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