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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: No joy...
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 20:24:34 GMT
> > 1) I don't think Forrest likes directories called 'api'. Confuses the
> > bejeebez out of it.
> The default cli.xconf excludes 'api' directories (the rationale involving
> links to javadocs).  Copy it from src/core/context/WEB-INF/cli.xconf to
> your project's conf dir (probably src/documentation/conf).  Then modify
> the <exclude>s.

Mine was an api/index.xml that discussed, then references .../javadoc/... So
I hit ot for exaclt that reason. What is bad (to this mere mortal) is the
copious error messages, non of which tell *me* anything useful like that.

Is it bad that I'd like to remain a dumb forrest user, and especially dumb
to Cocoon? I just want to generate documentation, I don't want to know what
is going on behind the scenes. I view Forrest as the tool built on Cocoon
for dumb users like me. If I am wrong/misguided, please let me now.

> > 2) I don't think Forrest likes pages called 'todo.xml' (even when not in
> > root).
> You're right.  Delet the reference to it in sitemap.xmap to work around
> that.

Could Forrest validate against such things, or give a nice warning/error
message or something?

> > 3) I don't think 'forrest' (batch) and 'forrest run' work comparably. I
> > both and got:
> > 3.1) No menus on my batch pages
> > 3.2) Different sized fonts
> > 3.3) Different 'corners' (on tabs)
> What skin?  I think some are currently broken.  todo: we need to check all
> skins before a release candidate.

Krysalis. I think it is likely me, due to my site.xml/tabs.xml or something,
but I get a site with "forrest run" (as does somebody on same xdocs on older
Forrest) but I get oddities w/ batch "forrest".

> I can probably look into this later tonight... but I'm on company time for
> another hour :-)


> > get it working. I really wish that a shared/managed Apache Forrestbot
> > existed so perhaps you could see what I see. It'd make a darn good
> > regression test suite..
> >
> I agree...

Cool. Count me in. :-) Gump/Depot, I'd love to see their automatically
updated, I'd do twice as much documentation (or 10 times) if I could get it
built/updated easily (especially over my sad little modem).

> > [BTW: The offer is still out there to integrate forrestbot (in ant or
> > into Gump, if Gump can checkout sites/run things. Whatever.]
> I think this has serious potential.  It's very new still, so we probably
> want to wait a few cycles and see it stablize before we can effectively
> find the commonalities with Gump.

Cool, whenever.



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