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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject No joy...
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 19:37:45 GMT
I'm trying the latest forrest (in batch mode and run) on Depot Version. (The
older copy of Forrest I had was old, and not producing PNGs from SVGs, so I
updated. FWIIW: I still don't get PNGs for the logo SVGs -- so I copied in a
converted one -- but that is the lest of the woes.)


1) I don't think Forrest likes directories called 'api'. Confuses the
bejeebez out of it.
2) I don't think Forrest likes pages called 'todo.xml' (even when not in the
3) I don't think 'forrest' (batch) and 'forrest run' work comparably. I ran
both and got:
3.1) No menus on my batch pages
3.2) Different sized fonts
3.3) Different 'corners' (on tabs)
3.4) 'api' works with 'run', but not w/ batch. [I renamed to 'code', it
works now.]

I tried converting from book.xml to site.xml, and I admit I never understood
that thing (simple though it might be). Anyway, it seems that "Forrest run"
is happy, but "Forrest" is not. Lots of cocoon errors (about EOF), seeming

I'd put these into JIRA but I can't get past the NPE when I try to get
reminded of my password, and (frankly), I've burned more time than I
had/have & this is no fun what-so-ever. If you wish to experiment, please
look here for the site:

Here is what I get from running forrest:

I know you are in the midst of a re-work, no complaints there -- stuff
happens -- but I really think forrest needs a regression test suite (that
includes some user sites). I just want a basic site, no frills, and I can't
get it working. I really wish that a shared/managed Apache Forrestbot
existed so perhaps you could see what I see. It'd make a darn good
regression test suite..

[BTW: The offer is still out there to integrate forrestbot (in ant or not)
into Gump, if Gump can checkout sites/run things. Whatever.]


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