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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: and build.bat creating just JAR
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 15:35:18 GMT

> > The files (images, RSS, Atom) I put into content/X/Y/Z/ get transferred
> > across, but not files I
> > put into content/xdocs/ (to get converted from xdocs to HTML).
> I don't get this part... they should be *generated* by Forrest, not
> "transferred across".

Clearly this isn't my day for communications (first Gump Storm, then apology
blog goes belly up, now this). Let me try one more time...

I put content that I do NOT ask Forrest to generate into ./content [e.g.
./content/ant/rss.xml  and ./content/ant/atom.xml] and the content I DO ask
Forrest to generate into ./content/xdocs [e.g.
./content/xdocs/ant/index.xml.] Forrest transfers the things I produce (the
rss.xml atom.xml are mine, not from Forrest) and it generates index.html
giving me:


What I am saying is the transfer occurs (I get the first two) but not the
last one. As this is an ant copy (I think), that makes some sense.

BTW: I tried getting a password reminded for cocoon's JIRA and it crashed w/
a NPE. I'll try to get the bug/enhancement report (for two exit codes for
some vs none) when I can.



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