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From "Philippe Vanpeperstraete" <>
Subject FW: favicon.ico build problem
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 21:11:53 GMT
Hi Thorsten,

I managed to get rid of this message by commenting out the reference in
The generated patch is:

---cut here---
Index: src/core/context/WEB-INF/cli.xconf
--- src/core/context/WEB-INF/cli.xconf  (revision 10704)
+++ src/core/context/WEB-INF/cli.xconf  (working copy)
@@ -190,9 +190,9 @@
    <!-- Exclude tokens used in URLs to ASF mirrors (interpreted by a
CGI) -->
    <exclude pattern="[preferred]/**"/>
    <exclude pattern="[location]"/>
+   <!-- 19 may 2004 P.V. The next line generates a broken link when
generating a clean site
    <uri src="favicon.ico"/>
+       -->
        |  File containing URIs (plain text, one per line).
--- cut here---

Searching the whole trunk, I found another 4 occurences of "favicon.ico",
but since I'm very new to forrest, I don't really understand the
ramifications of any changes I make. Sorry for that.

Philippe Vanpeperstraete

-----Original Message-----
From: news []On Behalf Of Scherler, Thorsten
Sent: dinsdag 18 mei 2004 23:13
Subject: favicon.ico build problem

Hello devs,

After seeding a new project and building it I get the following error
(on win and linux):
X [0]favicon.ico   BROKEN:
/home/thorsten/src/forrest-new/build/webapp/.../images/favicon.ico (No
such file or directory)

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