> I'm starting a new project and of course want to document it using
> forrest :-)  But I also want to provide traditional manpages.
>  I could
> use some source format (like docbook or xhtml2) that could be
> converted
> to both manpage source and to forrest's doc-v12.  Or I could
> write/find
> a way to convert manpage source to a forrest doc-v12.
> Does any of this exist already?  Or any other ideas?

I think writing the docbook and generating the man- and info-pages would be the
best way. I donīt know any tools for that, but a quick googling gave me some
hits [1-3]. But IMHO these tools can not be included in Forrest, so writing a
stylesheet for generating the man-pages from doc-v12 (donīt know the docbook
support in Forrest) would be the cleaner way...


[1] http://olympus.het.brown.edu/cgi-bin/man2html?docbook-to-man+1
    docbook-to-man - convert DocBook SGML into roff -man macros

[2] http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-list/1998-March/msg00482.html
    docbook to man page converter

[3] http://olympus.het.brown.edu/cgi-bin/man2html?docbook2txt+1
    The jw shell script allows to convert a DocBook file ... other formats ...