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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject ant tasks to do cvs add and cvs commit?
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 12:41:41 GMT

I'm working on the deploy.cvs workstage for forrestbot.  This basically
checks out a site from CVS, copies the new pages into that directory, adds
any new files, and commits it all to CVS.  The old forrestbot does this
with shell scripting in forrestbot/scripts/publish_livesite

The difficulty I'm having is adding new pages to CVS.  I can use the ant
cvs task to do the 'add', but I don't know how to get the list of new
files.  Also, we have to determine if the file should be added as text or

Right now I can think of 2 options:

1) get the results from a 'cvs update' and parse them looking for new
files.  then do an add for each one.   problem: ant is not good for
parsing strings

2) get a recursive list of all the files (except from the 'CVS'
directories) and add all of them.  cvs will ignore ones that are already
in the repository.  how can I loop through a list of all the files?

And then there still is the issue of text/binary.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Dave Brondsema : : personal : programming : student org

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