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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Open Office - indirect linking and styles
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 20:04:53 GMT
Lechique wrote:
> I'm a newbie to Forrest and have two questions connected to Open
> Office support:
> 1) Does OOF provide an indirect linking to resources? When I write
>    "site:todo" in URL field (Character dialog / Hyperling tab), OOF
>    transforms it to '/usr/my_projest/site/todo" and Forrest can't
>    map it.

Not right now, if you submit this as a feature request on jira we may 
get around to implementing it if there is enough interest (I am working 
on Open Office integration at present but I don't have this on my use 
case list as I don't use site.xml directly)

> Is there any way to save sxw file with raw "site:todo"?

No idea, on this I'm afraid, if no-one knows here you'll need to ask on 
the Open Office lists.

> 2) I'm using styles from openoffice-writer.sxw. After generating site
>    in Forrest (static version) I get english inscriptions in styles
>    FixMe, Note and Warning. What should I do to translate them to my
>    native language?

At present the Open Office integration requries you to use a fixed set 
of named styles (see the Open Office demo). I do have a partially 
working version that allows you to use other styles but it is not yet in 
SVN. Before I put it there we need to discuss whether it is a good thing 
or not since, as Nicola Ken pointed out, we would no longer be 
separating style information from source information.

You have two choices, only use the style templates in the demo document 
provided or if you can then wait for a couple of weeks and I'll be 
opening this discussion and offering my solutions (can't do right now as 
it is all tied up in my custom skin and needs separating out, something 
I do not have the time for right now)


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