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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Open Office Support (Re: Openoffice: keeping forrest styles loaded)
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 19:42:01 GMT

Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
> ...
>> I have done some work on OO integration, I have Writer and Impress 
>> files working with basic formatting. Basically, I have extended the 
>> work you did and am extracting style information from the sx* files as 
>> well. What does this mean? We are not restricted to using a particular 
>> template, we simply use the normal formatting rules.
>> Of course, the problem with this is that the content could have a 
>> totally different look and feel to the main site. Do we see this as a 
>> major problem?
> Well, it defeats the whole purpose of Forrest in separating content from 
> presentation...

Not really, the style information is generally encoded in the OO 
documents as fo style attributes. What I am doing is extracting this 
information and creating a new stylesheet from the fo data in the source 
document. This can then be overridden by other stylesheets if so desired 
(at least if I wasn't writing the style information into the output 
XHTML, which is only a temporary technique).

What I mean is that, with Reinhard's suggestion of making it optional as 
to whether we include the style information from the original OO source 
document we can still use the style provided with the skin. But if we 
want to provide styled pages we can.

Perhaps a use case will help:

I use OO to allow my lecturers to produce presentations in a form they 
are used to. I then use Forrest to produce web pages from these 
resentations. The web pages I would like to styl ein a consitent way, 
but some styling (like bold, italic etc) I want to let through.

However, I also produce a slide representation of the presentations. In 
these all I have is basic navigation (next, previous, home) and the 
slide itself. On this version I would like to see all the formatting of 
the original presentation (complete with backgrounds etc.)


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