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From Brendan Humphreys <>
Subject how to change the name of a linked file
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 04:45:46 GMT
Hi folks,

I have two questions regarding content aggregation that I'm hoping 
someone can help me with:

1. I have an aggregate entry in my site.xml:

    <whole_site_pdf label="User Manual in PDF" href="site.pdf"/>

but I'd really like to have the generated file called something other 
than "site.pdf" (e.g. "usermanual.pdf"). How do I achieve this within 

2. Question 2.1 in the Forrest FAQ implies that Forrest can create one 
pdf-file for "selected pages of the site". The answer to that question 
doesn't give details of how to do selective aggregation (it only shows 
"whole site" aggregation based on site.xml). Can anybody show me how to 
generate a pdf-file from a subset of my site?

Thanks for any help people can provide.


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