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From Lechique <>
Subject Re[2]: Open Office - indirect linking and styles
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 12:26:34 GMT

W liście z 22 kwietnia 2004 Reinhard Poetz napisał(-a):

> Lechique wrote:

>>I thought that there is some externalize-string (i18n) way to solve
>>problem with foreign laungages. After using "Forrest Warning" style in
>>my polish documents (in Open Office) and Krysalis skin, I will have
>>'Warning' inscription in generated sites. I want to change this
>>'Warning' to polish equivalent - that's all. So... is there really no
>>way to do it? Maybe I should write my own skin? Sorry for lame
>>questions - it's my second night with Forrest.

> This shouldn't be difficult. You only have to add another transformation 
> step which uses the i18n transformer. But this needs an enhancement of 
> Forrest in general. Probably I have some time next week to look deeper 
> in this issue.

> If you could provide a patch I'll happily committ it <hint/> ;-)

I'll try, but until now all this 'transformation' and cocoon stuff is
kind of black magic to me :)

Best regards.

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