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From Lechique <>
Subject Re[2]: Open Office - indirect linking and styles
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 21:52:30 GMT

Ross Gardler wrote:

>> Is there any way to save sxw file with raw "site:todo"?

> No idea, on this I'm afraid, if no-one knows here you'll need to ask on 
> the Open Office lists.

You were right - Open Office forum was the first place to ask this
question. So.. if anyone else wants to use Forrest's indirect linking
in sxw file then:
1) uncheck File System / Internet in "Load / Save" Options (General)
2) use Hyperlink from Insert Menu and choose "Document". In field
   'path' there is a place for e.g. "site:todo".

After that, Forrest will transform links in sxw files according to
information from site.xml.

>> 2) I'm using styles from openoffice-writer.sxw. After generating site
>>    in Forrest (static version) I get english inscriptions in styles
>>    FixMe, Note and Warning. What should I do to translate them to my
>>    native language?

> At present the Open Office integration requries you to use a fixed set 
> of named styles (see the Open Office demo). I do have a partially 
> working version that allows you to use other styles but it is not yet in 
> SVN. Before I put it there we need to discuss whether it is a good thing 
> or not since, as Nicola Ken pointed out, we would no longer be 
> separating style information from source information.

Fixed set of styles in openoffice-writer.sxw from Forrest 0.6 is
enough to me. I don't want to use my own, home-made styles. 

> You have two choices, only use the style templates in the demo document
> provided or if you can then wait for a couple of weeks and I'll be 
> opening this discussion and offering my solutions (can't do right now as 
> it is all tied up in my custom skin and needs separating out, something 
> I do not have the time for right now)

I thought that there is some externalize-string (i18n) way to solve
problem with foreign laungages. After using "Forrest Warning" style in
my polish documents (in Open Office) and Krysalis skin, I will have
'Warning' inscription in generated sites. I want to change this
'Warning' to polish equivalent - that's all. So... is there really no
way to do it? Maybe I should write my own skin? Sorry for lame
questions - it's my second night with Forrest.

Thansks for help!

Best regards.

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