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From Rick Tessner <>
Subject [patch] [copyless] Discrepancy in skin images used between static and webapp sites
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 17:16:16 GMT
Hi all,

There's a discrepancy that I'm seeing between the skin images used in
the static site vs. those used in a webapp site.

In particular, I've been using the tigris-style skin and the pdfdoc.gif
that is being used in the webapp is the one that is defined in the
tigris-style skin.

In the statically generated site, the pdfdoc.gif used is the one from
the common/images.

Looking through the core/targets/site.xml, I noticed that the <copy>
task that does the copying of the common and skin images has two
<fileset> defined.

It's not clear to me whether the order in of the <fileset> elements in
the <copy> element define the order in which the copy should happen.

The webapp sitemaps are very clear in the order that the images should
be used: First if the requested image exists in the skin, use it. 
Otherwise, use the common image if it exists.

The same seems to be implied in the <copy> task, however it does not
seem to happen that way.  At least under my platform (SuSE Linux 9.0,
java 1.4.2).

A quick review of the Ant docs did not say whether the multiple
<fileset> definitions will result in having the files copied in
<fileset> order.

Splitting the <copy> tasks with two <fileset> elements into two separate
<copy> tasks results in a more consistent skinning between the static
and webapp generated docs.  (The relevant <copy> tasks are within a
<sequential> element, which guarantees the individual <copy> tasks will
happen in the order specified ... that doesn't seem to affect the order
of  the <fileset> within the <copy> task however) .

Patch is attached, if this is indeed considered an issue.

Rick Tessner <>

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