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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: breadcrumb working for a while, but...
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 03:48:52 GMT
Glen Mazza wrote:
> Hello Forrest Team,
> I reverted the file in xml-site to fix the breadcrumb problem that FOP 
> had, and it worked fine directly on (main production 
> site).  Problem is, when I subsequently republished FOP, the breadcrumb 
> problem returned because the version just 
> overwrote my reversion.  See below:
> Revision 1.8--my change, fixing the problem
> Revision 1.9--(from publishing FOP again), recreating the problem.
> Question:  How do I update the *Forrestbot version* of breadcrumbs.js, 
> so overwrites to xml-site will be with the correct version?
> Thanks,
> Glen

(Sorry, i started this message last night, but finished today.)

The Forrestbot is still using forrest-0.51 and it might have an
outdated version of that because the problem with the un-expanded
tokens (@....@) is fixed in my local copy of 0.51

I notice that the same thing used to happen to Forrest's own website.
See the comments between r1.5 and r1.10

We need someone with permissions on cocoondev to do 'cvs update'
and ''.


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