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From "Brian S. Hayes" <>
Subject RE: [Proposal] Project subtitles or slogan
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 23:00:12 GMT
> From: Juan Jose Pablos []
> Brian S. Hayes escribió:
> > I would like to be able to specify in the skin configuration a sub title
> for
> > the project.  This subtitle might be a slogan, by-line, or credentials.
> >
> there is already a project-description element, is that good enough for
> it?

It depends on what the semantic and intention of project-description is.

Currently the project-description is only being used by the renderlogo
template which is called by site2xhtml.xsl.  renderlogo places the
project-description value in the title attribute of the img element (which
gives a nice tool tip when viewed using a browser like Mozilla).  Based on
my limited understanding of the HTML specifications, I believe that an img
element's title attribute should provide a description of what is in the
image (e.g. "2004 Forrest Celebration Party" or "MyProject logo." In the
Forrest skin case, it appears that the description applies at the web site
level (e.g. "Forrest project website").  As such, the project description
should probably be placed on the body element.

I think project-description is different than a subtitle (slogan, by-line,
or credentials).  A project-description can be used in conjunction with a
"project-subtitle".  Also, if a subtitle (slogan/by-line/credentials) is
provided, it should always be displayed (unless you want to have an index
page only option).

Best regards,

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