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From "Brian S. Hayes" <>
Subject [Issue][Rev:10157] Unecessary DISPLAY_PREPREND with breadcrumbs with empty trail link attributes
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2004 03:52:51 GMT
I apologize if this is a known issue in Forrest revision 10157...

In Forrest revision 10157, the breadcrumb trail has an unnecessary display
prepend ( '>' character) when bread crumbs are unspecified (trail/link
attributes set to empty).  This occurs with the default and krysalis skins.
Also, when the trail/link attributes are not empty, no trail is provided
(just the '>').

In looking at the breadcrumb.js source, I would recommend that something
   if (crumbs[0][0] == "" and crumbs[0][1] == "") {
be used to conditionally test if the bread crumb trail should be built. 

Note that this is not a problem with Forrest 0.5.1.


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