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From "Brian S. Hayes" <>
Subject RE: [Issue] Rev 10206 - Is skinconf being processed?
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 07:19:22 GMT
> Can you test version 10259?
> It should work not.
> The issue was the the document() function does not seem to get  the
> entity resolver.

I just tried 10352 and it does not appear that skinconf is being processed.
I tested the default skin and the krysalis skin.  The project logo, group
logo, and the breadcrumbs did not appear.

Do you want me to still test version 10259?

I did notice in the forrest site run a number of warnings and errors. It
appears that files and directories are not being found.  With these newer
builds, do I need to set project.content-dir in

--- Forrest run: ---


Apache Forrest.  Run 'forrest -projecthelp' to list options

Buildfile: E:\dev\projects\trunk\build\dist\shbat\

Deleting directory E:\dev\websites\lftest\build\tmp\cocoon-work
Created dir: E:\dev\websites\lftest\build\tmp\cocoon-work
Warning: E:\dev\websites\lftest\build\webapp\resources not found.
Copying 3 files to E:\dev\websites\lftest\build\site
Copying 31 files to E:\dev\websites\lftest\build\site\skin\images
Warning: E:\dev\websites\lftest\src\documentation\skins\common\images not

Warning: E:\dev\websites\lftest\src\documentation\skins\krysalis-site\images
Copying 9 files to E:\dev\websites\lftest\build\site\skin
Warning: E:\dev\websites\lftest\src\documentation\skins\common not found.
Warning: E:\dev\websites\lftest\src\documentation\skins\krysalis-site not

Static site will be generated at:

Note that there are various reasons for "build failed" messages.
for any broken links in the generated site.

ERROR: You must specify a destination directory when defining a target
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Static site was successfully generated at:

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