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From "Brian S. Hayes" <>
Subject [Proposal] Enabling/Disabling Section Titles In Menu
Date Sun, 21 Mar 2004 07:19:21 GMT
Proposal: Add support to the skin configuration (skinconf.xml) for enabling
or disabling section titles in menus.

The krysalis-site skin will put a page's section titles with corresponding
links in the menu. See the Krysalis website (http:// for examples.   The forrest-site skin places the
section titles in a bullet list under the header title. It would be nice if
this feature (section titles in the menu) could be disabled or enabled from
the skin configuration.  Thus, XSLT changes to site2xhtml.xsl could be
avoided for the casual user.

There have been related discussion about sub-menus before on the Forrest-dev
mailing list:
. new skins with collapsible menus (starting Thu, 31 Jul 2003)
. Menu questions (starting Thu, 31 Jul 2003) 

I have already implemented this feature in a modified krysalis-site and
would be happy to contribute the changes to the Forrest effort.

I have only begun to think about what this proposal might mean to the other
skins.  For example, should there be a skin configuration for having a
bulleted list of section titles under the header title (as with the
Brian S. Hayes

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