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From Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen <>
Subject Re: i18n suggestion
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 12:46:10 GMT
På 16. mar. 2004 kl. 14.22 skrev Upayavira:

> Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen wrote:
>> <snip/>
>> in the same language as the default foo.html. Only if _none_ of the 
>> sources used to build a page is available in the specified locale, 
>> you should return an error or the default page.
> For static, no. Say we're creating a new translation, to polish. One 
> of the first things we'd do is create a menu_pl.xml. Having done this, 
> _all_ pages on the site would now be created in Polish, even though 
> all there is is the menu. Not very helpful to the Polish speaker. 
> Therefore, I would say it is only if the main content exists that the 
> page should be created.

You do have a point;) Does this imply that also the menu and other 
included elements _must_ be localised as well for the page to be 
created? That is, should the requirement for generating a page be 1) or 

1) main page source and all included resources
2) only the main page source

> The CLI contains a crawler. It does the crawling.

Thanks for the clearification.

> Hmm. What I had in mind is that you would say to the CLI: locales="en, 
> de-at, de-de, es, pl, pt". This would then request each relevant page 
> six times, once per provided locale. Thus you would get pages created 
> for each of your locales. Where a page could not be created, as no 
> sources exist for that language, it would not create a page. So 
> there's no fallback here. The fallback is handled by the web server: 
> Apache.

I get you now - this makes sense.

> Upayavira, who's on a steep learning curve regarding i18n at the 
> moment!

Sjur, ditto for Cocoon & Forrest!

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