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From Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen <>
Subject Re: i18n errors, bad downgrading
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 14:00:02 GMT
På 12. mar. 2004 kl. 13.34 skrev Juan Jose Pablos:

>> in the request. (on the other hand, it can be useful to be _able_ to 
>> access a specific localised file in this way, at least for debugging 
>> purposes.)
> Yes, but how do you plan to overwrite users locale settings? I can not 
> find another way to overwrite user settings unless we incorporate the 
> locale information on the filename.

It has to be coded somewhere, either in the filename, or in the xml of 
the file. I think it is pretty obvious that it should be in the 
filename. Looking at the i18n examples of Cocoon (I finally installed 
and tested;) the following file naming scheme is already in place for 


There is no need to invent a different scheme for ordinary text files.

>>> 2) Forget Dynamic and only use static
>> You can't be serious about that? ;)
> In a previous discussion, It was define to focus on the creation of 
> static content. So, yes Ï am serious.

OK (but that should not stop us from trying to keep the two in sync).

> Think that the main use case is: You put a buch of xml files on a 
> given directory and expect a full website to come out.

Sure, but you loose the rapid development cycle with having a running 
Forrest site where you can add/remove/change documents and see the 
results immediately, instead of having to rebuild and run each time. 

>> That's fine, we just need to agree upon the behaviour of CLI when a 
>> page is not found for a given locale - what should the output be?
> Well, I am not sure, posibly just the filename without any locale.

Agree, but what if you only have "localised" files (you don't want to 
keep two identical copies of the same file in the src, one as default 
without any locale info, and one with an explicit locale) - thus we 
_also_ need a notion of a "default language" that could be used to 
build default versions (as files without any locale in the file name).

> There is not a i18nfile generator, so it needs to be added on the 
> sitemap.

I checked the Cocoon samples as well, and indeed, there does not seem 
to be a mechanism (or sitemap action) in place for just choosing one of 
several localised _files_. THANKS for helping me get this point, I have 
been so sure that everything was in place, that I couldn't believe what 
you've tried to tell me. Sorry;)

> I disagree as well :-) , but that was the conclusion for most of the 
> commiters, so we must live with that.



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