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From Joao Araujo <>
Subject Re: tabs question
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 15:17:10 GMT
Brendan Humphreys wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I have a quick question I'm hoping someone can help me with.
> I want to have the same menu content for all tabs, and when a user 
> clicks on a tab, that tab is selected and the corresponding 
> section/page in the menu is also selected. In a sense, the tabs just 
> act as shortcuts into the same menu.
> I have a site.xml with no tabs attributes set.
> I have a tabs.xml with no id attributes set, that has the following form:
>   <tab label="Main" dir="" indexfile="index.html"/>
>   <tab label="FAQ" dir="" indexfile="faq.html"/>
>   <tab label="Sub Section" dir="sub" indexfile="section.html"/>
>   <tab label="Other Section" dir="other" indexfile="section.html"/>
> and it *almost* works, except for the fact that when I click on the 
> "Main" tab, *both* the "Main" and "FAQ" tabs are shown as selected. 
> The "Sub" and "Other" tabs work OK.
> Am I doing something wrong? Anyone care to point me in the right 
> direction?
    I did not want exactly the same behaviour you want. :)
    Anyway, I notice two tabs selected when I used the same indexfile, 
in the same directory, for diferent
    tabs.  In fact, I was using the same index file because I did not 
state it clear in the declaration. Then,
    it used the default.

    It was supposed to have the behaviour you want the way it is right 
now. Check to see if the page
    was not cached, after the last change. Another option, put this in 
another directory like sub, and other.
    BTW, I am using version 0.6.


> Cheers,
> -Brendan

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