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From Joao Araujo <>
Subject Re: Forrest under tomcat problem
Date Sat, 27 Mar 2004 17:44:10 GMT

>"forrest run" builds a version of the forrest webapp for working with the
>bundled jetty in a development environment. To build a webapp for
>distribution to a production environment you need to do "forrest webapp",
>this will copy across eveything you need (whereas a "run" uses
>"webapp-local" which leaves many things in the src directory).
>If you do "forrest war" a distributable war file is build for hosting
>outside of the bundled jetty.
    Yep, I know that.  Let me tell you what I am doing.

    1. I generate the webapp like I was doing with version 0.51
     2. I point a tomcat context to this directory .
     3. I use  tomcat to show the pages.
          This was working fine on version 0.51
     Now It does not work. Unless I go to the directory of my project
    and "forrest run" . Then I have pages been displayed under 8080, and 



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