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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: [I18n] Alternatives locales for a given page.
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 09:52:30 GMT
Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen wrote:

> På 22. mar. 2004 kl. 17.58 skrev Juan Jose Pablos:
>>> Request URI
>>>     index_en.html
>>> cause
>>>     /Volumes/Data/Users/sjur/tmp/src/documentation/content/xdocs/ 
>>> index_en_no.xml
>>>     (No such file or directory)
>> This is the Issue that I was talking about. We can show up all 
>> alternative locales, that is already there.
>> But how can we overwrite the enviroment?
> Don't know how, but ultimately it should be part of an i18n file 
> generator, which should try also an exact filename match before 
> resorting to the default locale. That is: if the request is for 
> foo_en.html, it should even try foo_en.xml (=exact match except for 
> the extension).
> If such a generator would be in place, your code would work. That is: 
> we're still waiting for the i18n file generator;)

I've started working on making recursive input modules work, so we could 
do <map:generate src="{i18n: index.{locales}.xml}"/>, which would find 
the most appropriate file, given a list of locales.

> Otherwise, your code seems to be what we want for the language 
> menu/section - it can easily be extended/moulded in different 
> directions for various needs and displays. One step forward - thanks 
> Cheche! 

How can I see this code without learning Forrest? Can you point me to a 
viewcvs/svn link for it? I am curious.

Regards,. Upayavira

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