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From Joao Araujo <>
Subject Re: Forrest docbook
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2004 13:42:03 GMT

>>       I need to use docbook to take advantage of docs I have already made.
>>       Can anyone help me with configuration.
>>       I read, but, still 
>>could not figure out what to do
>>       to put forrest to work with old docbook docs. The simplified 
>>version does not work for me.
>Following that FAQ works fine for us to add some DocBook docs
>and have them rendered with the full DocBook XSL stylesheets.
>Parts of the Apache XML Commons project use it, so we know that
>it works.

>Perhaps you are not understanding how to use the Sitemap
>in general.
    I tried that it did not work. Where did you add the match? 
forrest.xmap, or sitemap.xmap?
    did you copy the sitemap.xmap to your directory?

    For what I wanned I changed the following line in the forrest.xmap:

        <sourcetype name="docbook-v4.1">
         <document-declaration public-id="-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML 
V4.1//EN" />

        <map:when test="docbook-v4.1">
src="resources/stylesheets/docbook-1.60.1/html/docbook.xsl" />

       Thanks a lot,



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