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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: helping out...
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2004 03:21:04 GMT
E.L. wrote:
>>>What else can I do documentation wise - is there some goal of better intro docs
or demos?
>>You can do what I forgot to do: scribble notes as you start up the project, and 
>>create a brief how-to.
>>I started with a blank copy of the skin to create my own skin, and then found a 
>>series of problems I had to overcome. For example, it wouldn't compile unless I 
>>moved "favicon.ico" into the images directory, regardless of whether I used it 
>>or not. Little things that the developers take for granted, but that I didn't know.
>>The project as a whole could use your notes to create better documention. I 
>>think a how-to would be invaluable.
> Good point - I went through the basic forrest tutorial, but I'd like to create a how-to
for the 2
> ways of creating a site by starting with a blank site.xml (or a realy stripped down version).

> From what I understand so far - there are 2 ways to create a site (well - 2 basic ways):
> create a huge site.xml for your whole site or (2) create separate directory with .xml
> representing various part of the site (like the site generated by seed).
> El

A site.xml that specifies the structure of your whole site is the 
preferred way to do things.  And that is what the seed site does.  All 
the other .xml files from the seed site are sources for pages.  Except 
tabs.xml which goes with site.xml

An alternative is to use a book.xml in some (or all) directories.  This 
will override any site.xml definitions for that directory.

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