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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Forrest docbook
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 20:25:41 GMT
Joao Araujo wrote:
> Jua,
>> Joao,
>> The easy thing to do is to put the docbook as *.xml file under 
>> src/documentation/content/xdocs
>    I did that. Unfortunately, it is not showing my manpages. Probably, 
> because it does not have all the
>    XSL transformation needed for it. I am trying to install the needed 
> XSL . Though, it is been hard
>    to put the things in the right place. So, please in case you have 
> this information easily I appreciate having it.
>    Thank you,
> Joao,
>> Cheers,
>> Cheche
>> Joao Araujo wrote:
>>> hi,
>>>       I need to use docbook to take advantage of docs I have already 
>>> made.
>>>       Can anyone help me with configuration.
>>>         I read, but, 
>>> still could not figure out what to do
>>>       to put forrest to work with old docbook docs. The simplified 
>>> version does not work for me.
>>>       Thanks in advantage,
>>> Joao,

I recently posted about using man pages in conjunction with forrest 
pages.  So far I have been able to create DocBook files and convert them 
to troff sources for man using the docbook2x 
( scripts.  Is this how you create 
your man pages?

I'm about to try using those same docbook files as sources for forrest, 
but forrest's limited docbook stylesheet probably doesn't support all 
the docbook elements necessary.  I don't know much about docbook so my 
docbook files are very simple right now.  Joao, if you would be willing 
to email me (off-list) a few of your manpage docbook files, I will try 
to add support for all the elements necessary.

Dave Brondsema : : programming : student org : personal

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