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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject Re: user question : openoffice styles
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 07:16:10 GMT
Philippe Guillard wrote:

>I use last Forrest CVS and openoffice sample. Works well until i use my
>own documents. Seems that i have to use the styles present in the sample
>file openoffice-writer.sxw. 
>Question :
>How can i have my styling rendered ? For example i'd like to change the
>font color.
The openoffice support works the way that in a first step the XML from 
the .sxw file is read and put into the pipeline. Then there is a 
stylesheet that transforms the openoffice XML into documentv12 XML. If 
you need something special you have to extend this stylesheet. However, 
the question is whether documentv12 supports what you want or not.



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