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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: i18n errors, bad downgrading
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 09:07:41 GMT
Juan Jose Pablos wrote:

> Upayavira wrote:
>>> Before This I think that mostly we need to define the goal. What is 
>>> the output file name  that you want for static and there URI request 
>>> for dynamic sites?.
>> Surely I've covered that in my CLI extensions proposal?
> I think so. There is only one think that I am not 100%. see Below.


>>> For Apache httpd server to work:
>>> index.html.{locale}  should be fine for static, but if you want to 
>>> request this uri: localhost:8888/index.html.{locale} This will fail 
>>> badly mainly because forrest relay on .html as the final extension.
>> Noooooooo. The way I've got it planned is to feed the locale from the 
>> CLI into the Cocoon 'environment' in _exactly_ the same way as the 
>> HTTP environment does. So, to see a particular page, via your 
>> browser, you go to localhost:8888/index.html, having specified your 
>> preferred locale in your browser.
> If you  pass the locale, you are able get this done at least for 
> {lang}.   I think that we need a I18nFile generator that allows to do 
> the "downgrading scheme"

Why? As far as I can see, if the browser can pass a string of expected 
locales, e.g. pl, de, en, then those should be passed into Cocoon as the 
Locale, which Cocoon's I18N stuff should just handle - serving the most 
appropriate page it can. In the case of the CLI, it will pass one locale 
in at a time. Filename handling will be the CLI's concern, not Cocoon's.

> But there is something that I am not 100% sure that we are doing it 
> right. check an on the botton You will see that there 
> is a way for users to overwrite their locale settings.
> There is a buch of these links:
> <a rel="alternate" lang="es" hreflang="es" title="Spanish" 
> href="">espaƱol</a>

Interesting. I would (If I wasn't on a tube train right now) check out 
the syntax for the HTML <a>, to see what lang/hreflang attributes do.

> So I guess that we need to find a way to overwrite locale settings on 
> filename.

That depends upon how a browser handles those attributes.

>>> 3) Use CLI to run as many times as locales defined on a config file.
>> That is what we'll have the CLI do for us.
>> Basically, as far as a Forrest site is concerned, it _should not_ 
>> need to know if it is going to be deployed static or dynamic. It 
>> should work exactly the same in either environment. When you can to 
>> create a static site, you configure the CLI to produce the site in a 
>> way that is suitable for your particular web server (mainly httpd).
>> Make sense?
> It does



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