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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: i18n errors, bad downgrading
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 11:34:41 GMT
Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen wrote:
> httpd and cocoon (and thus Forrest?) has different conventions for 
> adding locale info to filenames, which explains why it fails. Normally 
> you would _not_ ask for a file index.html.{locale} or 
> index_{locale}.html, the server should take care of serving you the 
> right file given the locale info in the request. (on the other hand, it 
> can be useful to be _able_ to access a specific localised file in this 
> way, at least for debugging purposes.)

Yes, but how do you plan to overwrite users locale settings? I can not 
find another way to overwrite user settings unless we incorporate the 
locale information on the filename.

>> 2) Forget Dynamic and only use static
> You can't be serious about that? ;)

In a previous discussion, It was define to focus on the creation of 
static content. So, yes Ï am serious.

Think that the main use case is: You put a buch of xml files on a given 
directory and expect a full website to come out.

>> 3) Use CLI to run as many times as locales defined on a config file.
> That's fine, we just need to agree upon the behaviour of CLI when a page 
> is not found for a given locale - what should the output be?

Well, I am not sure, posibly just the filename without any locale.

> What I don't get is that if this scenario is so common (which I also 
> believe), why isn't it already in place - I mean, Cocoon has it (_still_ 
> needs to be tested, but they're at version 2.1.x, so any major problem 
> here should have been discovered and rectified a long time ago), and as 
> soon as you have that machinery in place, it should be a piece of cake 
> after that. Or is there something fundamental in the relationship 
> between Forrest and Cocoon that I don't get?

You can check the code by yourself:

       <map:match pattern="**.xml">
         <map:select type="config">
           <map:parameter name="value" value="{defaults:i18n}"/>
           <map:when test="true">
           <map:act type="locale">
             <map:call resource="file-resolver">
               <map:parameter name="uri" value="{../1}_{lang}"/>
             <map:call resource="file-resolver">
               <map:parameter name="uri" value="{1}"/>

There is not a i18nfile generator, so it needs to be added on the sitemap.

>> But at the moment we are more focus on the "limits of static content 
>> creation". :-)
> I disagree;) (but I'm a newcomer)
> At least the Forrest docs say otherwise;) - see my e-mail from yesterday.

I disagree as well :-) , but that was the conclusion for most of the 
commiters, so we must live with that.

>> I would not do that, I would display the content
> Probably, but what if the content is totally gibberish to you?

possibly If has more meaning than a 406 error, and what about if you 
have a offline translator?

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