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From "Stephan E. Schlierf" <>
Subject Internal links
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 07:47:15 GMT

as recommended I defined menues in site.xml.
Now I wonder whether it's possible in a document to link to a 
"menue"-element defined in site.xml
I think of something like
<link href="internal:acme"></link>
in a document where site.xml looks like
<acme label="Another acronym" href="foo.html"/>

Another question: If the first one is possible, what do I do if the 
nodes in site.xml are not unique ?
In my site.xml I have something like
<tools label="Tools" href="tools/" tab="tools">
     <intro label="Overview" href="index.html" />
<components label="Components and modules" href="comps/" tab="comps">
     <intro label="Overview" href="index.html" />
Here the node "intro" is defined twice. Is it possible to make the links 
to "tools/node" and "components/node" well-defined ?


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