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From "E.L." <>
Subject Re: helping out...
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 03:28:36 GMT

> > 
> > Good point - I went through the basic forrest tutorial, but I'd like to create a
how-to for
> the 2
> > ways of creating a site by starting with a blank site.xml (or a realy stripped down
> > From what I understand so far - there are 2 ways to create a site (well - 2 basic
ways): (1)
> > create a huge site.xml for your whole site or (2) create separate directory with
.xml files
> > representing various part of the site (like the site generated by seed).
> > 
> > El
> > 
> A site.xml that specifies the structure of your whole site is the 
> preferred way to do things.  And that is what the seed site does.  All 
> the other .xml files from the seed site are sources for pages.  Except 
> tabs.xml which goes with site.xml
> An alternative is to use a book.xml in some (or all) directories.  This 
> will override any site.xml definitions for that directory.

I thought there was a way to have one .xml file that would look like different sections of
a web
site (the line I saw was: "Merge XML sources via aggregation, or make content from large XML
sources available as "virtual" files." from

Sounds like a mis-understood this - I'll look around forrest site for further clarification.


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