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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: About SVN
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2004 06:17:38 GMT
Juan Jose Pablos wrote:
> Sure, but some client like rapidsvn does not seem to be just the trunk 
> version, It tries to download the whole lot.
> cheche@yarel:~/xml/forrest/branches$ ls
> apache             FORREST_03_BRANCH  FORREST_05_BRANCH
> cheche@yarel:~/xml/forrest/branches$ du -sm .
> 238     .
> 238 Mg from previous versions (I stoped when I realize of that issue.).
> So I am -1 about anything that did not result on a source/binary released.

Gee, being -1 is a bit heavy ... let us talk about it first.
Are you sure that you have a capable SVN client and are you sure
that you are doing a checkout of "trunk"?

I am using the command-line client and it does 'svn co' of just
the trunk with no problems.


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