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From <>
Subject Re: Forrest under tomcat problem
Date Sat, 27 Mar 2004 22:57:29 GMT
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From: "Joao Araujo" <>
>     1. I generate the webapp like I was doing with version 0.51

I assume you do this by executing "forrest webapp"

>      2. I point a tomcat context to this directory .

I assume you mean ./build/webapp

>      3. I use  tomcat to show the pages.
>           This was working fine on version 0.51
>      Now It does not work. Unless I go to the directory of my project
>     and "forrest run" . Then I have pages been displayed under 8080, and
> 8888.

This is very strange. "forrest run" does not do anything that is not done by
"forrest webapp", therefore running forest should make no difference. Can
you please try building a war file ("forrest war") and copying that into
your tomcat webapps directory. Then restart tomcat and see if your webapp is



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