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From (Justus H. Piater)
Subject Re: How do I proceed (WAS Re: Forrest and Mathematics)
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2004 09:56:15 GMT
Stephan Michels <> wrote on Sat, 07 Feb 2004
15:11:10 +0100:

> If you write more than just one equation, you will make a difference,
> for sure ;-) If you have a document with dozens of equations, MathML
> makes it unmaintainable.

I find MathML tedious to code by hand, and hard to read too for
non-trivial formulas. I have a setup that allows me to code all my
math in LaTeX syntax, and a Makefile setup that uses an external Perl
script and Ian Hutchinson's TTM to convert inlined LaTeX code to
external MathML files that are then XIncluded. This allows me to
hand-code math conveniently in LaTeX (which is processed directly by
PassiveTeX until there is a FO processor that can render MathML), and
convert it to MathML for the Web.

This gets me the best of both worlds: Easy coding and reading in
LaTeX, and Web math in MathML without cluttering up my (validated) XML
source files.


Justus H. Piater, Ph.D.
Institut Montefiore, B28        Phone: +32-4-366-2279
Université de Liège, Belgium    Fax:   +32-4-366-2620

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