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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: Problems with FOP site (Was: Re: Sites built from sites)
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 18:01:49 GMT
On Feb 12, 2004, at 2:07 PM, Ross Gardler wrote:
> Clay Leeds wrote:
>> I want to update the FOP web site to fix the breadcrumb problem, and 
>> to
>> add Whole Site PDF. I do not get errors using the most current version
>> from the following "snapshot" link (HEAD branch), but the result (on 
>> my
>> system) is always "MyProj":
> OK I tried building with the last nights CVS Head of Forrest and the 
> most recent snapshot of FOP. First of all I got the problem with 
> skinconf recently discussed on this list. So I patched your 
> Skinconf.xml file (sent offlist)
> Then I had a problem with your sitemap.xmap. It doesn't parse 
> correctly. I was going to patch this but there is a large number of 
> customisations all over the place so didn't even try. I just thought 
> I'd give it a go with the default Forrst sitemap (I renamed your
> old one to get it out of the way, also renamed the 0.5 version of the 
> sitemap that was in there).

Wow! I was able to get it to work (without copying the default Forrest 
sitemap files!). It still has weird breadcrumb trails (myGroup > 
myProject which never actually grows when I click a link), but I should 
be able to figure out how to fix that now.

> This worked OK.
> Your breadcrumbs are correct and the site look fine with "forrest run".

Again, I typed "forrest seed" and hit [enter] (actually, it was 
"forrest -Dskip.contentcheck=yes seed" since I alread have a src/ dir), 
then "forrest" and hit [enter]. I haven't tried "forrest run" and then 
[enter]. How will that change things?

> What you need to do is verify that any needed customisations in your 
> original xmap are copied across (I've not looked to see if any are 
> actually needed).

That will take some time, as I don't understand the difference between 
what it "should be" and what it "is". I'll probably start off with 
doing a "diff" and seeing which lines are changed. Thanks for the tip, 

>> I get errors stating 'site.xml is not valid'. Heh... actually, I don't
>> think the file exists, as they're using sitemap.xmap instead.
> You have to have either site.xml or book.xml. sitemap.xmap is nothing 
> to do with these files, it manages how the site is built.

I'm beginning to think the culprit may've been a problem in the source 
I'd downloaded to test with, since a more recent build seems to've 
worked better (although it may've been the skinconf.xml issue).

>> Anyway, I
>> have problems generating the FOP web site from this src (Maintenance
>> branch, which I'm using mainly for testing Forrest):
> I should have read your mail properly before starting. I didn't try 
> the above with this branch.
>> At this point, I'd like to be able to build locally, the current FOP 
>> web
>> site. Once there, I'd like to fix the problems indicated above.
> Try the above, if it doesn't work I'll have another look using the 
> maintenance version of FOP.
> Ross

So, now that I've generated a site, I can play a bit more and see what 
happens. The tips and/or tricks you've recommended are appreciated.

Web Maestro Clay

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