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Subject RE: [VOTE] Forrest adopting Alexandria?
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 13:59:10 GMT
> > Without knowing the JavaSrc donation. It would be fine to have an 
> > opportunity
> > to plugin other languages like XML, C, Python, JavaScript, ... 
> Exactly :-)
> Currently it supports javascript javadoc badly, and Ant 
> buildfiles... In 
> any case our current Forrest skin IMNSHO doesn't cut it for 
> code docs, 
> so I want to do a separate skinning for them.

But the result of that step is a document.xml? So several skins can render
it according to their own rules. (Not only colours (CSS) for reserved words,
strings, etc).

Maybe a new format could be useful. When I wrote a check for checkstyle I
came to ANTLR [1]. Maybe you can use the types defined in ANTLRTokenTypes as
idea for a new xml syntax. So the process would be

  sourcefile --1--> source-xml --2--> document12 --3--> HTML, PDF, ...

  1: parser, maybe chaperon, maybe new ANTLR based
  2: standard xslt sheet
  3: usual transformation by skin



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