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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject FOP's Forrest-based web site
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 05:38:34 GMT

Thanks for your help! I've successfully built the FOP site on my box 
using forrest-0.5.1 (including a 'nice-looking' breadcrumb trail). I've 
got a couple of issues to resolve, but I think I'll plug away at it a 
bit longer before I ask for more help. Among other things, I'm 
attempting to move to site.xml from book.xml (no sense "learning" how 
to use book.xml, when I can move to site.xml, which appears to be the 
future). I believe the "successful" build was from my new 'site.xml' 
file... The issues I'm currently working on, are the Whole Site PDF 
generation & automatic tab "selection" (highlighting of the 'active' 
tab). If I were to ask for help, what pieces would you need? Would you 
want me to include any files (site.xml, book.xml, skinconf,xml, 
sitemap.xmap, sitemap-0.5.xmap, etc.)?

Thanks again for your quick responses!

Web Maestro Clay

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