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From Moshe Yudkowsky <>
Subject How to use "site:" in subdirs and with binaries, and using img (was "site:" fails in subdir with "No pipeline")
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 16:06:40 GMT
I've resolved the problem with "site:" in my subdir, and I've also figured out 
how to reference binaries (*.gz files) using "site:". And how to use <img 

Since there's no Wiki page for FAQs, I'm going to post the answer here in the 
hope of helping out some other clueless newbie.

(1) Set up the subdirectories correctly; many "BROKEN: No pipeline matched 
request" errors can be resolved by examining site.xml. To set up a tech 
subdirectory, in site.xml you must the following subdir structure:

<technology label="Technology" href="tech/" tab="tech">
	<about label="Index" href="index.html" />
	<downloads label="Downloads" href="index-downloads.html"/>
	<demos label="Demos" href="index-demos.html" />
	<presentations label="Presentations" href="index-talks.html"/>

Now files in the tech subdirectory can use <link href="site:foo"> to reference 
any file defined in site.xml.

(2) Using "site:" to link to non-forrest-generated files

To use site to link to non-forrest-generated files -- e.g., a binary packed as 
a "gz" file -- is a two-step process.

(a) in a file structure that starts at the same level as xdocs, your files. I 
wanted my files in files/binaries, so I created src/documuments/files/binaries; 
  files is in the same directory as xdocs.

(b) define files/binaries in site.xml:

<binaries href="files/binaries/">
	<vxml_bio_0_1 href="vxml_bio_0.1.tar.gz" />
	<Voice2IM.20020604.tar.gz href="Voice2IM.20020604.tar.gz" />

You can now use "site:vxml_bio_0_1" to reference the binary. Note that 
"site:binaries/vxml_bio_0.1.tar.gz" will fail.

(3) Images. There's a directory called src/resources/images, and your images 
can go there; but you need to know the trick to reference them. Put foo.png 
there, for example. You can then use <img src="images/foo.png"> from any 
directory or subdirectory to reference foo.png. If you don't use the "images/" 
construct, but just "foo.png", forrest will attempt to find the image whatever 
directory you're currently in.

  Moshe Yudkowsky
  2952 W Fargo
  Chicago, IL 60645 USA


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