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From Moshe Yudkowsky <>
Subject Re: Building new skin, unable to get site: or ext: to work
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2004 13:39:21 GMT
Moshe Yudkowsky wrote:
> I've been successful building a new skin, but I am unable to get 
> href="site:foo" or href="ext:bar" to work.


> I suspect that there's a quick answer to this question, but I simply 
> can't find it.

And the answer is rather wacky.

A document file in a subdirectory used <link href="../index.XML"> instead of 
<link href="../link.HTML"> (emphasis added) to link to a file. The parser  read 
the XML file and decided the XML files was evil because that file contained 
ext:foo and/or site:bar.

As a newcomer I am still unraveling the mysteries of the pipelines, but I am a 
bit surprised that if the parser does actually decide to parse that XML file 
that the parser fails to correctly parse the ext:foo references.

(Of course I should not have used the ../index.html format; but I'm still just 
a few hours into Forrest.)

Question for the experts: Should this have worked? If it didn't, should it have 
failed the way it did or with an "improved" (more easily understood) error 

Note: Now that my eye is better tuned I understand the BUILD messages a bit 
better, but it's very hard to know which "index.html" file is being built if 
you have a lot of them. In addition, in this case, the index.html file was 
being parsed because of its relationship with a file in a subdirectory; so if 
the nesting structure had been exposed, it would be easier to understand. The 
error messages, for example, are the only nested messages as far as I can tell, 
with an indentation to tell you which file it was associated with.

  Moshe Yudkowsky
  2952 W Fargo
  Chicago, IL 60645 USA


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