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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Problems with FOP site (Was: Re: Sites built from sites)
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 17:53:34 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:
> Ross Gardler said:
>>Your breadcrumbs are correct and the site look fine with "forrest run".
> This might be one of the problems I was running into: I never did a
> "forrest run". Since I don't know what 'Jetty' and '' are, I
> never tried those... I did the following from the command line:
> forrest -projecthelp
> forrest seed
> forrest site

Well this should build the breadcrumbs OK and since they work in a run 
they should work in a site. Run just starts up a version of Jetty and 
you can point your browser at http://localhost:8888 to see you site, 
much faster than building the site from scratch. You can also edit the 
src, refresh the browser and see the changes.

>>What you need to do is verify that any needed customisations in your
>>original xmap are copied across (I've not looked to see if any are
>>actually needed).
> I'll check that out with the developers. Unfortunately the primary
> developer who worked (I think) on this portion is no longer actively
> contributing, although I may be able to contact him.

You should be able to worki it out by reading the sitemap.xmap file. 
Fortuneatly the customisations are clearly marked. You can then check to 
see if there is now an equivalent in Forrest.

>>>I get errors stating 'site.xml is not valid'. Heh... actually, I don't
>>>think the file exists, as they're using sitemap.xmap instead.
>>You have to have either site.xml or book.xml. sitemap.xmap is nothing to
>>do with these files, it manages how the site is built.
> As far as I can tell, this file does not exist in any of the distributions
> to which I have access (did you find it in your download src?):

I just took a look. The site is using the old book.xml method. This will 
still work fine. But it will be worth moving to the new site.xml method. 
It's easier to manage. But one step at a time. Stick with book.xml for now.

> That's why I thought perhaps they were using sitemap.xmap instead.

sitemap.xmap governs how each request is managed. see

> Thanks for your help! I should've asked for help *months* ago!

Well once we have you up to speed with Forrest you can come back and 
help us too ;-), in the meantime I'm sure the FOP folk will appreciate 
you fixing their site,


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