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From Johan Kok <>
Subject Re: Sites built from sites
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 07:11:42 GMT

Dave Brondsema wrote:

>That sounds really big.  Do they all need to be integrated?  I would suggest
>making each course it's own site and have one master site that consists mainly
>of external links to all the seperate course sites.

In my case it is not as simple as that..... Let's take project 
management as an example. I have five different classes of audiences, 
excluding the special requests covering basically the same content. 
However, that 'same' is not exactly the same, in being disfferent mixes 
of the same material at various levels. In my case (it seems to be the 
same with Ross')  the only real solution is to look at a type of 
publishing framework (Sort of CMS) to decide which portions is included 
in which course, and provide the right sequence for that.

This would also be a typical problem for any OD design where course 
integration is done via outcomes based parameters/criteria. A selection 
of learning objects are done to comply with the criterlia, ideally one 
wants to be able to autmatically generate the course from these criteria 
on a large set of learning objects, the same would apply to generating 
the web-site from such.

IMHO, the easiest  would be to have a pre-processing 'template' that  
defines the menu hierarchy, and the related content, which would then 
generate a sitemap and tabs for these.  That would also provide a load 
of other flexibility in web generation to forrest much like static 
versions of a CMS delivery, targeted at specific audiences. The same 
would apply to having seperate sites documents in process, vs released 
documents etc.

Johan Kok

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