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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: images in pdfs
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 03:47:41 GMT wrote:
> I have rebuilt forrest from scratch a number of times since downloading,
> using ./ clean followed by ./ to rebuild.

OK, this should work then...

> In a freshly seed'ed site (from stock distribution)

<snip what="after a forrest site command"/>

> ERROR   (2004-02-11) 14:48.37:428   [sitemap.fop] (Unknown-URI)
> Unknown-thread/ExternalGraphic: Error while creating area : Error with
> image URL:
> /home/r_exley/websites/ntgdocs/src/documentation/resources/images/project-logo.gif
> (No such file or directory) and no base URL is specified

Blast, I'm sorry I missed this when I did a local build from seed 
earlier. My own sites are not displaying this problem as I am using the 
old directory structure which uses "resources/images".

The workaround for now is to uncomment the following lines in


Set project.images-dir to "${project.xdocs-dir}/images"

Without this you are using the default settings which are set to look in 
resource/images rather than /images. I can't just change the default 
setting as this will break backward compatability.

I've not fully tested this fix, too late and I'm going to bed.

A freshly seeded site seems to buildalmost correctly (there is a missing 
rss.png) and "grep group-logo.gif < 
build/webapp/WEB-INF/logs/sitemap.log" returns nothing so everything 
seems reasoable. Let me know if this works out. It would also be a good 
idea to open a bug so we don't forget this issue as it is very important 
and has to be fixed before the next release..


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