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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: images in pdfs
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 14:31:07 GMT wrote:
>>Dave Brondsema wrote:
>>>On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>That works, thanks Ross!
>>>However, putting the jar file in src\documentation\lib as the FAQ says
> you
>>>can, doesn't work.  Not a problem for me, but our FAQ and code should be
>>Very true, what *does* work. Mines just been working for ages and I have
>>no idea how I got it to work.
> Appreciate any ideas anyone has on this as I am at the point of tearing my
> hair out, I seem to be going round in circles.
> I checked out a fresh copy of the source from CVS last night and have
> seed'ed a new site this morning.


> WARN    (2004-02-11) 11:01.27:200   [sitemap.fop] (Unknown-URI)
> Unknown-thread/Table: table-layout=auto is not supported, using fixed!
> ERROR   (2004-02-11) 11:01.27:243   [sitemap.fop] (Unknown-URI)
> Unknown-thread/ExternalGraphic: Error while creating area : Error with
> image URL:
> /home/r_exley/websites/ntgdocs/src/documentation/resources/images/project-logo.gif
> (No such file or directory) and no base URL is specified

Your problem is with the dir not being found. You don;t appear to have 
rebuilt Forrest after you updated from CVS (./

Jimi is nothing to do with this problem, Jimi is need for displaying 
png's. We can return to that once you have the above issue sorted.


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