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From Johan Kok <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Re: Plugin Use cases]
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2004 20:15:16 GMT

Ross Gardler wrote:

> Yes, so what I'm starting to think is that static stuff should be 
> generated by Forrest and then this is used in a Cocoon Webapp which 
> provides the dynamic stuff. But that gets a little messy. Perhaps I 
> better return to this when we have our developer on board. they will 
> be working full time on this (and other) issues so maybe they'll have 
> more time to think it through. 

I've been considering the same, and vice -versa. The biggest hurdle to 
pass immediately, would be a mix of staticly generated pages and 
dynamically generated pages. The second hurdle to pass would be to keep 
consitency on menus and menu styling between the two. The nice part if 
being able to have sub-sitemaps. If one has that in forrest, one should 
be able to use cocoon from forrest, i.e. let forrest car about the 
static parts adn static menus, and have the dynamic parts called from 
forrest. This is likely to imply that one might have a number of 
different sub-site maps to cover various uses, something like the cocoon 
blocks. Using flow between these would be great and not only there, but 
in a whole load of other areas as well.

> Ross

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