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From Johan Kok <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Re: Plugin Use cases]
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2004 20:05:47 GMT

Ross Gardler wrote:

> Last time I looked you can embed HTML into the forrest skin, that is 
> it will have the navigation, tabs etc. In addition if your HTML is 
> written with the skins CSS in mind, i.e. uses correct class names etc. 
> it will be skinned correctly too.

I had a recent look at it with that in mind, and both the html's camup 
on their own. without the tabls, menus, header etc. Maybe I did not call 
it correctly, but did the same as with any other xml file.

> As for embedding a PDF in a skinned site, this would be nice but we 
> are either going to have to convert PDF to XHTML or we are going to be 
> at the mercy of browser functionality to embed PDF. I can imagine 
> myself having a use case for converting PDF to XHTML sometime in the 
> future, but not right now.

Quite right not required right now. but if one know where you are going, 
it's so much easier to get there. I am considering another route, to 
display the pdf directly as an object, rather than to convert it to 
XHTML.  However, still considering various options, which is likely to 
be influenced by the routes taken for skins, navigation tools etc.  -- 
also longer term.

>>> Also, with enough CSS skill, you can use create a skin that will 
>>> work well for
>>> forrest and non-forrest documents.  Of course you won't 
>>> automatically get the
>>> forrest navigation menus, though.
>> How about a set of  "Navigation-tab", "Navigation-slide", 
>> "Navigation-Menu", "Content" css's and generate a frames based 
>> output. That way one can have all and more simultaniously.
> Please no frames in Forrest maintained skins (do what you like in your 
> own of course).

frames is the html frames (classic) is ugly. Portlets is getting closer 
to being an 'object'ive way of doing it (a subtle different than the 
normal implementation though)

> I don't think I'm the only one that hates frames with a passion.
> Ross

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