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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Re: Plugin Use cases]
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2004 17:00:26 GMT
Dave Brondsema wrote:
> Quoting Johan Kok <>:
>>Ross wrote:
>>>My requriements go further in that I need to be able to create a 
>>>dynamic version of the site too (interactive tutorials for example). 
>>>So, in most cases, I am wanting to put functionality into the version 
>>>of Cocoon shipped with Forrest. Some of this will massively increase 
>>>the size of a Forrest distribution and isn't applicable to most 
>>>(current) Forrest uses. Therefore, it really needs to be separate from 
>>>the core of Forrest.
> Would XSP be powerful enough?  If so, see

Yes, but I want to use Flowscript not XSP. But the problem is not in how 
I create the dynamic code, but the other stuff that will need to come 
with it such as databases (I need both relational and XML), 
repositories, version control etc. All this is there in Cocoon but not 
in Forrest (and it has no place in Forrest). It seems I may be 
outgrowing Forrest in my project. This is why I'm thinking maybe I 
should come from the other direction - start with Cocoon and bring 
Forrest functionality into my Cocoon application.

> Unfortunately running forrest as a
> webapp is pretty slow.

Yes, so what I'm starting to think is that static stuff should be 
generated by Forrest and then this is used in a Cocoon Webapp which 
provides the dynamic stuff. But that gets a little messy. Perhaps I 
better return to this when we have our developer on board. they will be 
working full time on this (and other) issues so maybe they'll have more 
time to think it through.


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