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From Johan Kok <>
Subject Re: multiple skin descriptors, skin versions
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2004 07:51:50 GMT

Marshall Roch wrote:

> Johan Kok wrote:
>> Marshall Roch wrote:
>>> I've said it before, and I just wanted to reiterate it again.  An 
>>> XML file listing all of the skins and each version has the potential 
>>> to get huge pretty quickly.  It would create a lot of extra 
>>> bandwidth usage that could be avoided: 
>> Perphaps you misunderstood my proposal: It was to used the 
>> relationship information within an XML database to decide which to 
>> load. The intention was not to have all skins downloaded. On the 
>> contrary, once we get some nice flixible skins going, you will see a 
>> proliferation of such and that is really when the database solution 
>> will come into play.
> This means that each user will need to download the entire XML 
> database from the server, process it, then request the particular file 
> needed. After said proliferation of skins, I'm guessing that the 
> database could get pretty big (1mb+?).

A serious load of relationship decriptors you want to load? How many 
relationships between a skin's versions and forrest versions do you 
expect?  ... The relationship descriptors should be downloaded with a 
CVS, not the actual skins.

> The whole RPC (or SOAP) transaction would be at most 10kb.  A downside 
> is a little more load on the server, which would probably be 
> outweighed by bandwidth costs.

That would still be applicable..... The solution proposed above was 
merely an easy way to store the relationships between skin versions and 
forrest versions enabling the determination of which skin to use/download.

> -- 
> Marshall Roch

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