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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Forrest and Mathematics
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 22:02:46 GMT
Stephan Michels wrote:
> Am Do, den 05.02.2004 schrieb Ross Gardler um 22:16:
>>Paul Smith wrote:
>> > Someone tell me where to get started and I'll go :)
>>First of al we need to know that Jeclid does what it says. 
> It does... I am the author.

Hurray! Thanks for a component that looks like it may be really useful 
to us.

> MathML works best with Mozilla, and with MathPlayer and IE so lala.
> I wrote the component, where Mozilla doesn't have any MathML support.
> Images for equations are not really beautiful, but it works.

For my use case I cannot rely on the browser having MathML support, so 
your solution will be best for me.

> The component render nearly every presentation element of MathML, and
> the content elements can be transformed with a stylesheet.
> The reason, why I neglected this project for a while is that I have
> definitely too much concurrent projects running :-/

I think we all know that problem.

OK, so we don't really need to test it, we have the authors word for it 
(and that's good enough for me). So we may as well skip the playing with 
it in Cocoon and try and bring it straight into Forrest.

I'll play with this in a few days (too many projects syndrome), but if 
Paul wants to have a go first please go ahead, as I said, I'll try and 
help where I can.


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